Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gingerbread cottage

Let me introduce, the very first Gingerbread cottage I've made! It took a lot of effort but it was definitely worth it! I didn't use any mold, so I only tried to measure the parts with ruler. Can't wait for the moment of tasting!
Fortunately the ground became white of snow right before Christmas and a real winter wonderland has arrived in Finland.
Santaclaus has given a present to our cat Windy too. What it might keep inside this year...

Christmas fair

The littlest Christmas tree,
lived in a meadow of green,
Among a family,
of tall evergreens,
He learned how to whisper,
the evergreen song,
with the slightest of wind,
that came gently along.

He watched as the birds,
made a home out of twigs,
and couldn't wait till,
he too was big.
For all of the trees,
offered a home,
the maple, the pine, and the oak,
who's so strong.

Source: Family Friend Poems
Christmas fairs are very good way to get your self in a Christmas mood. What could be more delihtful than eating hot rice porrige seasoned with cinamon sugar in a cold weather.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas drama

The nights are long and cold, the sun is hardly around,
Christmas time is approaching, and snow will soon cover the ground.
Trees and lights are twinkling, stockings are being hung.
The Christmas spirit is all around, as carols are being sung.

Family Friend Poems
Waiting for the time with a great joy!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wild animals and gorgeous night sky, 500px ISO

500px ISO, a page that publishes amazing photos! There is a big group of unbelievably good professional photographers. I understand that there may be journalists who creates the posts from the photos the photographers take. So, more clearly, it is a virtual photographer "magazine".

When I think more all this I wasn't sure about, I understand that of course it is so!
I was so amazed by the particular website that I can't even find words for it!
And now I want to share this with you, go ahead and take all the joy of the website, you can enter from the links below!

30 Awesome Animals Out And About This Autumn:

25 Breathtaking Night Sky Photos Around The World

...abbaye de sénanque... by roblfc1892 roberto pavic  on 500px
Arctic fox puppy by Cecilie Sønsteby on 500px
Trip in Sardinia by Stefano  Vita on 500px
Fox by Robert Adamec on 500pxPh.D. Cat by Roman Gudymenko on 500px

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A white and soft winter dream

Good afternoon!
A few days ago in this early winter or late autumn,
the threes and ground got covered with snow,
such amount that can be called a soft snow blanket.
Now it starts to become more like a soackin wet blanket.
But it isn't yet the eargent moment when there must be snow, so we shall just wait for the Father Christmas,
and give a wish of a white Christmas.


Saturday, June 21, 2014


We are already in the late June and it's still so cool weather. The beginning of June was really warm and you could enjoy the days but then it turned literally autumn. I may be quite over reacting so I believe we'll find some beautiful days during the summer here in Finland.

Enjoy your summer!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apparel and lightning, Vera & Kyte

"A Norwegian design pair that feeds our Nordic design addiction"
These beautiful and simple objects has been designed by the two Norwegian designers and interior architects: Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte.

I'm able to see the passion of their work and the spirit of spring and summertime shines through the image. The main objects are wonderful pieces of furniture which have been created by an exact inspiration.

When you pay attention to the details of this APPAREL- wardrobe and room divider you may notice the idea of the product and how practical it is.


These TOPIARY-lamps, are maybe the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. They are pretty simple but still something I'd love to own, at least in the future.

Trends in Archiexpo
Vera & Kyte

Friday, April 25, 2014

The great castle of Turku

Good evening for everybody!

My favourite city in Finland is definitely Turku. In my opinion the Finland's old capital city, even after the great fire in 1827, is the most significant city in Finland.

I made a visit at the castle of Turku some time ago. I actually have been there before but not for a very long time and I was extremely amazed by the grandeur and how massive everything was.

I love the atmosphere in castle that oozes the antiquity and let's the stories, I've heard about the old castle, become true. It keeps so much history in it and when you go in, you can feel, how the historical walls, roofs and floors give you a huge amount of strength and feeling that you're a part of the significant history of your motherland.

I think this topic is really worth knowing.
Here below you can make yourself familiar with one of Finland's cultural treasures.