Saturday, February 23, 2013

Remember the trip to Lapland

This post is meant to be remembering our trip to Lapland last summer 2012.
We were there maybe third time but it always keeps surprising us. That trip always leave's its mark on us or at least on me. I can't even say how I feel and what comes to my mind from the word Lapland.
              There is some photos I picked up from the photos we took during the journey. I made at the time a couple of posts about it Iso-Ylläs ja kahvikeidas-laavu, so remember it's nothing new on this post.
             We climbed the hill called Ylläs-tunturi, 719 meter. That was so hard. I became so tired because I got wet and the reason for that is that we were hiking in clouds. But gladly we went to the cafe up there an d I got warm again. After we drank warm we continued by trekking pretty long way to our rent cottage. We walked all together at least 20 km. 
            Next day we went walking in the woods to a fire place. There we ate sausage and we did drink water from unbelievably beautiful source. There were written that it has one of the most clean water in the world. So good, cold and fresh water!
       One day we rented mountain bikes for me and my father. We drove at least 30 km, what is unbelievable. It was the most difficult and the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I can explain only that, of course it was a memorable trip. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow view

Rabbits loves snow

Do you want jump there in to snow? -I do want :) 

It's a sunny day 'yay 'yay 'yay ooh today yesterday...

I was for the first time outside yesterday, after I became ill. There woke up a thought in my head that I could go photographing when it's a beautiful and sunny day. So, that's what happened yesterday. For too long time the sun didn't show it self at all and I didn't even notice that it has been pretty dark and grey for many days, until yesterday.   ~Andrea

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snowy, cozy, pretty, lovely jumpi land!

My winter holiday has started badly because I'm ill. But the thing what makes it better and best, is being at my grandparents, in Kangasala. Travelling from small city to countryside, I love it! :} My grandparents lives in a cottage on a countryside. They've got pretty big land and on it my grandma grows berries and grandpa grows potatoes.
        In summer we all are cutting grass and in winter we are plowing snow. Now it is dark outside and one candle is burning. Windy, our cat wants us to fondle her. :) I like it here and I'm glad that my grandmother and -father lives in a place like this.  Have a warm and cozy evening.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Playing with options

I became exited to try different options in camera and here's the results. A carpet, yes I know it's just a carpet on the floor and I, became exited about it!? Hahah, now seriously. I got pretty interesting photos, I think that all the colours are emphasizing beautifully and it seems somehow artistic to me. Please enjoy :)