Friday, November 15, 2013

Huge as a mountain but small as a mouse

I was with my school mate in Turku and we visited the place where I was working. I had to bring a paper to fill.. We went also shopping. Even we did hard work to go there I bought only two pencils. After that we decided to walk to the Dome Church of Turku that is right next to the river Aura. We were really amazed how big it is. I felt like a little mouse standing next to it. Then we went to the bus stop but we decided to go to see a small restaurant, because we should have had to wait for the bus too long time, we were freezing. We actually didn't go inside but we found such fireplaces that were really modern, and the best thing, it was warming. You know, we both put our hands on it and how lovely the feeling is when you get some warm air straight onto your freezing hands. 

The photos are taken from Vartiovuori Park in Turku. It's pretty long time from that and the nature doesn't look like that anymore.. But we shall at least enjoy the lovely colours and feeling of the photos.


Waiting for the winter. Philosophic thinking

Long time no seen. One evening I was thinking what my head keeps inside. This time I got a great inspiration about creating an other blog where I could share my thoughts about a thing that really makes my life. I was so exited and I made a serious promise. When I'm older and more wise I will create the new blog.  

I'm usually thinking too much, too often and too seriously. I am really stupid when I remind my self about my weaknesses and about things that I wouldn't want to remember. I usually get really bad feeling after those moments, but I still keep doing that... Well, fortunately I've started to do that less often.

As you may have noticed, I do spend pretty much time by thinking. In the early evening I understood that I would love to be some kind of a philosopher, it would suit perfectly with my personality.

Photos from Google search.