Friday, October 11, 2013

What continues?

Autumn continues... These photos are a bit more consentrated in details of threes "not the leaves."

 When we finally got to the small shore the sun was almost too low but in a other way the landscape was gorgeous, as you can see.


Gorgeous autumn

Autumn is here and there's beautiful, bright colours in forest. 
One evening I went with my father for a walk into the nearest woods. The main purpose was to go to photograph, at least once in a year in autumn. It was amazing, how beautiful colours can it be in the world.

During we were walking along the road, there was a huge amount of birds flying far away. They came closer and closer, untill they were rigt above us. And then the sky was full of those birds. You can not imagine how cool it was. The birds made the same round again and again.

I was a bit late and the leaves had already started to fall, but I still got lots of photos and here are some of them.