Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The cycling trip 3

Here is photos from the small beach in Velkua and from the beautiful sunset in the evening.

The cycling trip 2

I told on the last post about how gorgeous the place was where we stayed ower night on the trip to Velkua. Here is some photos of the place. It is designed by an architect. It was very modern and bright. The best thing was the view. There was super big windows and from them you could see the beautiful sea. In the evening the sunset was seen from the windows. 

I couldn't wish a better place to stay ower night during a cycling trip!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The first day of our trip (1)

I made a cycling trip to Velkua with my father that took two days. We left 9.30 a.m. The weather was fantastic in the morning because it wasn't yet too hot. After three and half hours we arrived to our destination in Velkua. I was very tired after riding a bicycle around 60km. 

We looked around a bit the place we were going to stay in, I also prepared a meal and we had some rest. Then we went on a small round trip by ferry. It travelled around different islands and came then back to the place of departure. It was pretty cold because it was very hard wind on the sea.

Later in the early evening we walked to a small beach where my father went swimming. I took many pictures while we enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Around 8.30- 9.00 p.m. we decided to visit one island and ride it around. We went by ferry to the closest island (because we can't ride a bike or even walk on the water) and then rode it around. The views were really gorgeous and stunning. Actually they were clearly different from my expectations. We came back from the island by the same ferry and went back to our accommodation.  

I took the pictures.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A beautiful butterfly

Hello! For the last but not least post of this day I'm gonna' write a very short thing what's up in my mind:
I've been doing sooo many things during the past three or  two weeks and I didn't have computer with me.
From tomorrow I will tell you about the awesome, great, splendid and unbeliveble trip by bike. I can tell you already that I drove by bike with my father atleast 120km in two days!
Tomorrow you'll get to know more...

The photo above I took by myself during the trip.

The dark night sky and the bright moon

Here is the first photos of moon that succeed in my opinion. 
After I got my tripod for camera I've been looking for clear skies and a bright moon.
 23rd of July's evening I had a perfekt one right under my eyes.I was so exited when I finally had a chance to try the new tripod and see does it make the circumstanses enought good to photograph the moon. 
Definitely it does.

The photos I took by my self.