Sunday, June 23, 2013

The new look

Yey! Finally I found time and interest to make a new template for summertime. Now as you can say, it tells us better that right now it is summer here in Europe. The previous collage was from 1980's, well not exatly. :D It was from the christmas and winter season.
I really hope you like the new look and even you don't, please leave a comment down below.
Have a very lovely day! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Matt Clayton 1

Here is some photoes from beautiful London homes. Photos has taken Matt Clayton, a photographer from London. The photo below has some kind of warm and a bit dramatic look, but not too much. The colour of the walls is something I really like. 
 This room is very brigth and fresh to me. I love that small lamp with light blue and white strips.

 This photo has something I love very much. I love the stairs, the yellow storage table and everything. The architecture is just so amazing. There is two things I actually don't like: the posters on the wall...
Have a good day!

Desire to inspire
Matt Clayton

Friday, June 7, 2013

Duck, Kwack

Here is some photos of our balcony. And say hello to donald duck! :D

Every night different kind

Hello! During the few past evenings I paid attention on the beautiful sunset. After we moved to the new flat we have had a completely different kind of view. Now it's very large one and it seems it never ends. I have taken photos at least three evenings from our balcony. And here is the results:

Photos has taken Andrea (me!)