Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birds are singing, the wind is blowing and the sun is shining

Yesterday was a super sunny and beautiful day. My schoolday was short and it was pretty warm outside.
We went with my mom for the fourth walk outdoors with Windy (our cat). This time she was almost normal there. :D She saw a squirrel, very closeby. And she saw also a small white dog who really wanted to play with Windy, but she was going quickly away from the dog. Now I saw by my one eyes that many cats are scared of dogs, but not all ofcourse.
          Well, lets go to real point of this post: I went also by myself to take pictures from the beautiful spring nature. There below is some of the photos I took. I have to say that there isn't all of them. I just can't take a few photos, I alwas have to take hudreds of them. :D

The flowers of a apple tree. Soo beautiful, white and bright.

All these photos has taken Andrea (me).
Collages are made by using Picmonkey, photo editor.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Derek Swalwell

Here is a gorgeous house I found from Derek Swalwell's photos. I think the different kind of building materials makes a peaceful and cosy harmony. When I was browsing all those photos about architecture I was really astonished that somewhere, somebody has built so special houses.

photos from: Derek Swalwell's,
Desire to inspire

Friday, May 24, 2013

Arent & Pyke, interesting inspirations

Here is a great inspiration for me. So extremely interesting and special different kind of lamps. They are pictures from one of Arent & Pyke's projects. The items are from a collection called Tom Dixon. Well, he is the one who got the idea and brought it into reality. You can read more about it from the next link: Arent & Pyke, Chat in a Chair 
I think these items are absolutely beautiful and they really do inspire me. Somethin completely new and great designing. I'll give a hudret points! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Dome Church of Turku

In the photo you can see the Dome Church of Turku, Finland. It's taken from the window of our hotel where we stayed on May Day, 1.5. In my opinion, the colours and the focusing are truly perfekt.

photo is taken by Andrea,
it's me!

The first walk outdoors

Here is our Windy on the first walk outdoors. Going throught the lift was the first step. And, you can imagine how scared she was. She was like shaking in my hands and when I put her on the ground she didn't move at all. Well, after a few minutes I grabbed her into my arms and carried her to the playground, where one can find some green grass with exiting bugs to catch. :D It didn't really help very much but she did take the first steps. Then I broth her inside to the safetynes.