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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wild animals and gorgeous night sky, 500px ISO

500px ISO, a page that publishes amazing photos! There is a big group of unbelievably good professional photographers. I understand that there may be journalists who creates the posts from the photos the photographers take. So, more clearly, it is a virtual photographer "magazine".

When I think more all this I wasn't sure about, I understand that of course it is so!
I was so amazed by the particular website that I can't even find words for it!
And now I want to share this with you, go ahead and take all the joy of the website, you can enter from the links below!

30 Awesome Animals Out And About This Autumn:

25 Breathtaking Night Sky Photos Around The World

...abbaye de sénanque... by roblfc1892 roberto pavic  on 500px
Arctic fox puppy by Cecilie Sønsteby on 500px
Trip in Sardinia by Stefano  Vita on 500px
Fox by Robert Adamec on 500pxPh.D. Cat by Roman Gudymenko on 500px