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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A white and soft winter dream

Good afternoon!
A few days ago in this early winter or late autumn,
the threes and ground got covered with snow,
such amount that can be called a soft snow blanket.
Now it starts to become more like a soackin wet blanket.
But it isn't yet the eargent moment when there must be snow, so we shall just wait for the Father Christmas,
and give a wish of a white Christmas.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Huge as a mountain but small as a mouse

I was with my school mate in Turku and we visited the place where I was working. I had to bring a paper to fill.. We went also shopping. Even we did hard work to go there I bought only two pencils. After that we decided to walk to the Dome Church of Turku that is right next to the river Aura. We were really amazed how big it is. I felt like a little mouse standing next to it. Then we went to the bus stop but we decided to go to see a small restaurant, because we should have had to wait for the bus too long time, we were freezing. We actually didn't go inside but we found such fireplaces that were really modern, and the best thing, it was warming. You know, we both put our hands on it and how lovely the feeling is when you get some warm air straight onto your freezing hands. 

The photos are taken from Vartiovuori Park in Turku. It's pretty long time from that and the nature doesn't look like that anymore.. But we shall at least enjoy the lovely colours and feeling of the photos.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beautiful Swan

On the previous post I told about the weekend trip to Naantali. We saw a pond with beautiful Swans. Here in Finland you can see Swans pretty rarely. So, when you see one, you have to photograph it. (:

Have a nice evening. 

Photos taken by
Andrea (me)

Sailing the seas

We celebratet my mother by staying overnight in Naantali Spa during the weekend. I was really surprised when I saw an advertisement about The cheerful British weeks. I had no any idea about the theme weeks before.

The British week- theme meant things like, Premier legue football, Fish 'n' chips and British music.

In the evening we went with my mom and dad for a small walk. During that I took lots of pictures from birds and seaviews. I saw many interesting houses and the sunset was gorgeous. In my opinion, Naantali is a perfect place to photograph. After the small walk I felt like we were sailing the seas even we didn't.

Photos taken by
Andrea (me)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Zoo in Helsinki

18th of August we were together with my family in Korkeasaari in Helsinki. It is a famous Zoo in Finland.
The purpose was to celebrate my father's birthay. We had lot's of fun and I took many photos of  both big gorgeous and small cute animals. 
 A sleeping tiger
 A little panda

 Snow Leobard
 Pallas's cat
 Forest Deer

 Snowy Owl

 An original bird on a promenade


Thank's for watching!